A military leader who invited heart surgeons from India to treat his grandson

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Hun Sen’s two- day trip, which ignores the views of the Burmese people, is set to begin moment. With that, the military council’s propaganda machine is ready to go all out.

Hun Sen, who speaks the same language as him, believes he can speak up to stop the violence and should stay and see what he does. He indeed offered to extend the trip by another day if conditions were right. Min Aung Hlaing doesn’t feel to have taken into account the need to review the rules.
Hun Sen is fortunate to have been suitable to shoot a special envoy of at least five of the five ASEAN principles. But it’s doubtful that the special envoy will be accompanied by Foreign Minister Prasad Hoon, who’s anticipated to accompany him.

Hun Sen’s conduct didn’t take advantage of the ASEAN chairmanship and didn’t consult with member countries. Not only did it go beyond its accreditation, but it also eased the pressure on Asean achievement leaders not to attend meetings.
The day before the trip, Indonesian President Joko Widodore-warned Hun Sen by telephone that anynon-political person would be allowed to attend any of the meetings unless the five principles of Asean were significantly enforced.

Hun Sen has said he’ll not go beyond the frame of the ASEAN Charter. Some spectators have plant it hard to believe that a person like Hun Sen could profit from dubitation.
Bo Hla Tint, special envoy for the National Unity Government to ASEAN, appealed to Asean countries to stop Hun Sen’s reckless conduct. Two losers exploded near the Cambodian delegacy in Naypyidaw on December 31 as a warning.

The ASEAN Parliamentary Assembly on Human Rights has dubbed Hun Sen’s tactfulness a” good bureaucracy”.
The military council continues to burn townlets supplying PDFs with a four-rounded approach.

After firing with heavy ordnance, they entered the townlets, pillaged everything and set it on fire.

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