ASEAN split over Hun Sen’s visit

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Officers in Asean have said the common statement with Hun Sen was” insignificant”and misdoubted Min Aung Hlaing’s pledge.

Ong Kin-yaung, a former Singaporean diplomat and former Asean clerk-general, said the words were bloated without any practical substantiation of a result to Burma’s current political extremity.
He noted that Hun Sen’s plans to visit Burma were just a ploy to invite him to the ASEAN foreign ministers’ meeting.

A diplomat from another country, speaking on condition of obscurity, said the common statement was”the same as before”and that Hun Sen had made concessions indeed further weakened.
The statement prioritized the five- point roadmap issued by the military council, and said the five- point principle of ASEAN should support that roadmap.

Asean has formerly rejected the military council’s roadmap by the Burmese people, but the addition in the statement highlights Hun Sen’s massive concessions.
Still, some Asean diplomats have spoken appreciatively about the opening of liaison with the military council.

Still, Indonesia, He said countries similar as Malaysia and Singapore were cautious of the common statement and stuck to the principle that Burma shouldn’t be invited to the forthcoming ASEAN foreign ministers’ meeting.
Still, the Kyodo news agency reported that Hun Sen’s meeting with the military achievement had strengthened divisions within Asean.

According to another report, Hun Sen called on Min Aung Hlaing to release Australian economist Shawn Tan.
The request was made in response to a request from Australian Foreign Minister Mariss Payne to write a letter to HunSen.

Min Aung Hlaing said that the court cases were still pending and that he’d to stay for a while.
Min Aung Hlaing’s court tried to make anyone for his assassination attempt, but he was using the bar to gain political advantage.

Presently, the military council is happy to admit Kovis- related medical inventories and medical outfit, completely loaded with four aircraft from Cambodia. (As seen in the picture)
Hun Sen has made it clear that his political thing is to come the high minister’s father by 2023 and the forefather of the high minister by 2040. Still, it isn’t uncommon for people to come backups like Min Aung Hlaing.

The military council is dragging the country back and sluggishly besieging it. Indeed electricity is now cut off for five hours a day for the people of Rangoon, and the situation is likely to get worse as gas prices have lately quadrupled and distribution has been reduced.
According to Thai journals, further than 500 Karenni people are fleeing to Mae Hong Son, on the Thai side of the border, due to the adding number of military casualties in clashes with Karenni People’s Revolutionary Forces in Kayah State.

The revolution must succeed!!!
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