Businesses predict that sugar costs may increase further.

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According to the Sugar and Molasses Association, the lower sugar production during the 2021–2022 sugarcane season than previous year has caused sugar prices to increase by around 750 kyat per cent.

Political upheaval in the surrounding sugarcane-growing regions has caused a dip in sugarcane production, a drop in sugar prices last year, and losses for sugarcane farmers.

Sugar cost between 900 and 1,400 kyats per kilogram last year, but this year it is 2,150 kyats.

The sugarcane season for 2021–2022 has ended, according to the sugarcane market situation. 
Our sugar production has decreased somewhat this year compared to last year by the end of the sugarcane season. 
Purchasing sugar is expensive. 
Due to the unpredictability, Great Wall is not selling domestically. 
The only commodity traded in the market is sugar. 
merchant in sugarcane and sugar indicated that factories are also selling because they anticipate an increase in pricing.
During the sugarcane season this year, more than 370,000 tonnes of sugar are produced, with a market price of almost 65,000 kyats per tonne. The season for sugarcane exports to China, according to sugarcane growers, was in March of last year. This year, however, China has halted buying and has started buying again in April, resulting in long-term losses.

This time of year, sugar costs are often low, he noted. Prices are greater than they have ever been this year. The cost of grinding sugarcane increased along with the cost of gas and fertilizer. It currently exports via sea to China and Vietnam. Another sugarcane and sugar dealer stated, “When we go to the factory, we have to pay 2,000 or 3,000 Kyat each ton of sugarcane.

Every year, sugar prices are low during the monsoon season, but merchants anticipate that prices will continue to rise due to lower production costs and less sugarcane production.

More than 30 regular onion trucks from different regions entered the Yangon Bayintnaung market, but the number has decreased by half since June 18.

Onion prices have just increased again in Yangon’s Bayintnaung market after a significant decline.

Sales have decreased as a result of the cold snap, one merchant claimed. This year, onions are likewise in short supply. Prices increase in tandem with the cost of farming. These days, Seik Phyu is no longer accessible by car.” Prices have increased due to lower revenue.”

The Yangon Bayintnaung Theater opened today, June 22, in Monywa. Happy Only 15 onion trucks from Meikhtila and Myingyan arrived at the market, and the cost of a pound of onions ranged from 1,200 to 1,900 depending on quality and variety.

The price of onions, which ranged between 500 and 800 kyats per pound in late May of last year, was both domestic and foreign, according to the Yangon Bayintnaung pricing. Due to a resurgence in foreign purchases, the price of a pound of onions increased from 1,300 to 2,100 kyats on June 14.

Onions entered the Yangon market on June 18 at a price that ranged from 1,100 to 1,800 kyats per pound and have since increased to between 1,300 and 1,900 kyats.

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