Defense Minister U Ye Mon said that 2022 will be a people’s victory because it can fulfill all four strategies

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Protection Minister U Ye Mon stated that 2022 might be a humans’s victory due to the fact it can fulfill all 4 strategies

January three, 2022

The countrywide harmony government has executed all four techniques, and 2022 may be a humans’s victory. Union Minister U Ye Mon said.

“useless to say, the innovative guy energy. I think we need four principal matters now. 1 Fund 2 weapons three Alliances and cooperation four strategies

“I would really like to mention that we will be capable of gain the humans’s victory in 2022 as we were able to fulfill all 4 of those necessities,” he instructed the BBC.

He also said that “all people who decides to take the necessary dangers and sacrifices is aware about the risks posed by urban guerrilla motion.”

The contemporary situation in Karen country. He mentioned that the KNU was decided to take the lead within the revolution, given the preventing in Lay Kay Kaw in Dooplaya district.

“inside the modern-day people’s revolution, NUG, The MOD is in price of civilian command and the navy leaders of the EAOs are in price of the navy management.

The war of Lay Kay Kaw is seen because the KNU’s dedication to take the lead in wearing out the revolutionary mission demanded through history. “As a military council, it’ll simplest end up greater insane on all fronts it has opened.” U Ye Mon continued.

After the coup d’état, nearly all of them fled to ethnic regions. He stated the CRPH became carried out with the assist of ethnic armed agencies.

Based totally on CRPH, EAO; The NUCC became formed thru the NUCC, which covered CDM staff and town strike leaders.

For the reason that founding of the NUG, the PDFs of the human beings’s defense Forces have been shaped, and the success of the revolution can be visible as a clean direction is being taken.

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