Eleven month and eight storey cake pagoda

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The military achievementd’état has been in full swing for 11 months since the achievementd’état, and popular support has declined to zero.

A great war is being fought against the people as a whole to gain control of the country as soon as possible. In addition, popularly tagged leaders are frequently arrested and locked on unjust charges
.Everyone knows what they’re doing and what they shouldn’t be doing, so only those who support what they do will be satisfied, and the public will come more shocked than read.

With the consummation that similar illogical people can no longer be ruled by a further neutral government, the people are determined to fight to the end.
On the other hand, foreign investors will inescapably worry about the interests of the group, which ignores transnational morals and is allowed to do whatever it wants.

There are governments and companies that want to deal with the military achievement for a variety of reasons, but they’re reticent to face moral commination.
Indeed Telenor has agreed to vend 51 of its Wave Plutocrat business to Yoma Strategic Effects.

Still, despite all the hype, the country, which is accelerating its progress, has suddenly collapsed.
For the homeless, history has shown that they’re the lawbreakers and that they won’t be suitable to live happily ever later.

An astronomer has prognosticated that Min Aung Hlaing and his military leaders will be destroyed in 2022, and the Mandalay Maha Thingyan necrology indicates that Min Yar Za and his woman will be in peril.
The palms of the people will start from the end of February 2022 and will be marked by rapid-fire and visible palms.

An astronomer predicts that Min Aung Hlaing and military leaders will be devastated from April 2022.
For Min Aung Hlaing, there’s nowhere to run a auto, but the only way out for the service is to get relieve of the current warlords and lead the country.

It’s a return to the path of republic. Else, the people will suffer the consequences.
According to Buddhism, indeed if you believe that someone is causing you trouble, it’s a great sin. Millions of people are now void. Broken house Can astrology palliate the loss of a son or a woman?

The revolution must succeed!!!
Hla Soewai

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