“Equality”: A role model for adults in Burmese society

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“Equality”A part model for grown-ups in Burmese society.

At a small academy in a small part of Sudan, a schoolteacher conducts an essay competition for scholars.
The stylish person in the competition will get a brace of shoes. So the children wrote songs and danced happily and happily.

When I wrote the paper and handed it to the schoolteacher, I saw that everyone’s jotting was brilliant. All of them are excellent people. There, the schoolteacher couldn’t decide who to give the prize to.
So the schoolteacher called the scholars and told them that everyone’s essay was excellent. The schoolteacher was pleased with her sweats. The prize is worth it.

He also asked all the scholars to suggest how they could get one with this award.
Everyone wrote their names on the paper. Fold a piece of paper and give it to the schoolteacher. The schoolteacher has to decide by lottery. When the schoolteacher draws, it’s suggested that only the clunker be declared the winner. So that is what they did.

The schoolteacher drew lots in front of everyone. The girl (Wafa Abdul Cream) casts her ballot. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! All the children saluted.
Little girl, There were gashes of joy and gashes in the midst of everyone’s applause. The schoolteacher thanked everyone.

Also, he was awarded a prize. He also had to wear new shoes rather of his old bones.
His parents were so poor that they couldn’t go to buy him any shoes. I’ve been wearing these shoes for a long time.

The schoolteacher was overjoyed and returned home. When she got home, she cried while telling her hubby about it. The schoolteacher’s hubby was happy to hear about this.
But she couldn’t understand that she was crying.” So why are you crying?”All your scholars are good.

You can also give the prize you have planned.” There the schoolteacher replied.
“When I came back, I opened the rest of the runners and saw that all the children had written the name of Wafa Abdul Kareem.”

All the children saw Wa’s condition and were united in bringing joy to their heart.
Is this a part model for our grown-ups in society? If you’re more perfect than he is, is it an illustration to suppose in a balanced way?
But we want commodity. I just want to get it. As long as I’ve the spirit of being the first, I’ll be suitable to live in an equal society. To be a united and fair country is still a long way out.
Unfeignedly, To the original author.

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