Halting the production of cement by private enterprises for Ye

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Workers in Mon State’s Ye Township claimed that because cement production is not profitable given the skyrocketing price of cement, they will have to shut down their operation.

According to one of the producers, “The price of cement started at 6,000 kyats and now the prices have gone from more than 10,000 kyats to almost 2,000 kyats. The rest of the labor costs and the fuel prices have gone up exponentially, so the cement brick I can no longer produce music, etc. It’s not convenient, so we have to stop the business.”

“Since the work has stopped, the employer’s side is also unreasonable,” one of the employees said. “Those who are going to buy can’t buy. The day laborers who are dependent on this work, when the price of goods is high, there is no income from work, and it is more difficult to support the family during this period.”

Cement brick Concrete slabs are used in areas like homes to build roads and bridges.

According to reports, all cement-related enterprises in Mon State have shut down.

In the more than 1.5 years following the military takeover, the cost of construction supplies has jumped by over 3 times, road and bridge work has ceased entirely, and there are scarcely any home builders left.

The border trade community claims that on September 10th, the strategic commander of the Military Council detained and detained some agents of the Muse 105-mile trade zone, which is a significant trade zone of the northeastern economic gateway of Myanmar, under the pretext of paying taxes to the armed forces.

One exporter who wished to remain anonymous added, “Of the 23, 19 have been released. Four more have been caught. One is from 105 miles away. Three are from Muse.”

Due to the fact that it is China’s bread table day, the majority of businesspeople pay attention to border entry and exit, but a meeting on the 105-mile and Jinsan net road was called but never showed up, according to individuals familiar with the industry.

He was arrested for paying taxes, therefore they are not responsible for the protection of these automobiles. If they don’t bring it, why can they accept responsibility for the security of this lane? said an importer. “More than 20 persons were called. Taxing armed organizations.

More than half of the merchants had to cease operations as a result of the trade crisis brought on by COVID-19, the increase in legal and illegitimate tax collection in the Northeast trade corridor, and the high rate of collection, he claimed.

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