“Healthy Spring” People’s Hospital opens in liberated areas

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“Healthy Spring” People’s Hospital opens in liberated areas

Khit Thit

According to the Yangon Student Committee (2), the People’s Hospital under the name “Healthy Spring” will be opened on Independence Day on January 4 in the liberated areas of ethnic areas.

The hospital will be staffed by volunteer teachers led by the Yangon Student Committee of the University of Medicine (2).

“Healthy Spring” Public Hospital is currently open as a General Hospital and Teaching Public Hospital. Children’s Hospital

The operating room and patient transport systems are being renovated and the necessary medicines and equipment are being installed, the statement said.

The committee said the upgrade would provide health care to more than 30 villages and more than 15,000 people.

The committee also requested that the public donate money to meet the current medical and general needs of the Spring Health Hospital.

Photo: University of Medicine 2 (Yangon Student Committee)

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