In a month and a half, the Shwe Bopon Santa bag’s price increased to 20,000 kyats

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According to rice sellers, a bag of Shwebo rice cost between 8,500 and 9,000 kyats in Yangon before rising to roughly 2,000 kyats in more than a month and a half.

Shwe Bopon Santa bags have grown in price by an average of 2,000 kyats between the final week of June and the first week of August. This price increase is not the result of low rice stockpiles or a poor yield; on occasion, the price can climb by 5,000 kyats in a single week.

Although the business of trading rice is still able to function smoothly, the prices of rice exchanged in the current market are not stable and there are daily price changes.

A bag of Shwe Bopon Santa would cost between 75,000 and 77,000 Kyats per home per day at the Rice Commodity Stores (Wha Tan) and Rice Commodity Store (Burin Naung) in Yangon as a result of the increase in rice prices.

They sell 90-day rice in addition to Shwe Bo Porsan at the Wa Tan Rice Commodity Depot, Irrawaddy Porsan, and varieties of rice in outside shops that are of the same caliber as well-known brands.

Even though it is sold for such a low price, Yangon people claim that it is only convenient for those who live close to the Wahtan warehouse to buy; if they come to buy from other townships, including the expense of transportation, the price is roughly the same as the present price.

Additionally, the rice being sold in rice warehouses is inferior in quality to the rice being sold in outside private stores because it is being resold after being previously stored.

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