It is reported that General Nyunt Win Swe is under house arrest

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It’s reported that General Nyunt Win Swe is under house arrest

An composition posted on the CDM social media point of the host group that General Nyunt Win Swe, commander of the Rangoon Division Military Command, was under house arrest.
“I’ve heard that he’s under house arrest now because of the screams in Rangoon and the main auto crash. Ma Ala (Min Aung Hlaing) always did that.

Still, he’ll be penalized and he’ll be treated fairly,”the composition said,”If he’s asked to do so.
Particular IdentityNo. 25983; Mizzima couldn’t gain a separate evidence of the news that Brigadier General Nyunt Win Swe, a 36-week graduate of the military academe, was under house arrest.

Gen. Nyunt Win Swe, former headmaster of the Military Medical University and Commander-in-Chief of the Southwest Command, was appointed Commander of the Rangoon Divisional Headquarters in the middle of last time.
Military action within the military council is frequently classified as top secret and only known to members of the public, known as the”watermelon”.

In a township in southern Shan State, an Air Force major was arrested on December 8 in a”watermelon case”and his family was notified that he’d been cremated on December 10, according to a military source.
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