Military council announces return of Lay Kay Kaw residents

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Fighting between the achievement forces and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) has forced the resettlement of Lay Kay Kaw residers, according to the military council.

Dogfaces from the Military Council and the General Administration Office were driving in Myawaddy District on December 28, according to locals.
A videotape transferred by a original said,”The service is clearing the area to search and attack the NUG PDF mutineers. The fighting was started by the involvement of groups combined with these groups.

Now they can return home.”I don’t have a single operative,”he said.
Karen State The Thai service and border guards are furnishing medical and medical care to those fleeing the fighting on the Thai side south of Myawaddy.

Deportees fleeing clashes in Thailand Thai authorities have stationed five locales in Tak fiefdom.
Croakers and nursers at Mae Sot Hospital are also responsible for the health of Burmese deportees, according to Mae Sot Media.

Presently, the fighting between the military council and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA/ KNU) on the Lay Kaw side has calmed down, and further than people have freely returned to their homes, but further than remain on the Thai side.

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