Military Council calls on people to reduce electricity consumption

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The Ministry of Electricity and Energy, under the aegis of the Military Council, has blazoned that the government will reduce power consumption during peak hours due to declining power generation.

Typically, the maximum capacity is megawatts, but at present, the price of imported gas has quadrupled and about 750 megawatts have been shut down from LNG to Power shops.

The Yadana Offshore Gas Project, which passed regular conservation from November 27 to January 6, has reduced product capacity by 540 megawatts.
Some natural gas and hydropower shops are also being maintained every time. The total capacity for open-season hydropower shops is about megawatts lower than what’s demanded due to reduced water inputs and reduced hydropower generation.

They also said that 230 KV halls from the Biluchaung hydropower factory were blown up, reducing the power by 180 megawatts.

The Yadana gas design is anticipated to renew product onJan. 7, with plans to replace the halls soon, but will be reduced to 930 megawatts.

Between 7a.m. and 11p.m. There will be power outages in some places between 5 pm and 7 pm.

The list of reductions has been ordered by the Ministry of Electricity and Energy under the military council, but there are regular power outages in some metropolises, rather than regular power outages.

Homes who use electricity should use LED light bulbs/ bulbs that use the same light and use lower energy. The Ministry of Power and Energy, under the Military Council, urges homes with high electricity consumption to turn off gratuitous switches.

And the sun. New systems are also being developed to induce further electricity from a variety of energy sources, including hydropower.

Despite the recent power outages across Burma, including in Rangoon, the military council is forcefully collecting electricity tariffs with the fortified forces, according to locals.

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