Military leader says Burmese sports do not have to cover the whole world

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The achievement leader said that”Myanmar sports must dominate the world”doesn’t mean that Burmese sports conditioning should dominate the world.

December 26, Rangoon This is what the military leader, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, said during a visit to the Thuwanna National Stadium (1) in Thingangyun Township, according to a statement from the military council.
He thanked China for upgrading the Thuwanna Stadium. Presently, the development of the country’s sports sector is weak and the development of the sports sector can not be done incontinently
It’ll have to be done step by step. The military leader says development must be done over the coming decade.
“Myanmar sports must cover the world”Myanmar sports conditioning don’t have to dominate the world, but the world should be made apprehensive of traditional Burmese sports.

Raising the standard of traditional sports; We must continue to work for the addition of transnational sports.
The achievement leader also visited the Thuwanna Football Stadium.

Construction of fresh training grounds; It’s said that the conditions for hosting Myanmar National League football matches and transnational sports competitions have been clarified.
The watchword”Myanmar sports must cover the world”has been used since the former SLORC governance.

Sports and conditioning have downscaled, and Myanmar’s sports sector, including football, is facing the worst in the region.
Print- MOI, Source-DVB Burmese

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