NUG Lessons from Tamil Tigers to Watch Out For

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The Tamil Tiger revolutionists on Thihaul Island will no longer have home. They can make a network around the world and make plutocrat.

We collect levies from overseas Tamils and contribute. Liaison services can be set up.
A small government could be formed, as it could gain a base in ethnical fortresses. They’ve a radio station. There’s a Television station.

There’s a temporary air force. Work is underway to establish a temporary cortege. Munitions were smuggled in by powerboats.
It has come a autonomous home. You can save a quarter of Thiho Island. Every time government colors came forward, they were defeated. There, government colors committed war crimes.

But why did such a important Tamil Barracuda fail to establish a nation and fall within two months?
Do you know why these Tamil revolutionists fell? Internationally honored as a terrorist group and besieged.

Why a terrorist group? It all started with bombings and assassinations.
In retribution against the government, they also attacked mercenary targets. When he came stalwart, he bombed Rajiv Gandhi.

President Kumara Tonga was assassinated. He’s angry and thinks that we’re strong. Since also, countries that have designated them terrorist groups have tensed their fiscal controls.
Crossing the armament entry route. It’s nearly fully there. This is a summary.

It’s thing is to turn NUG into a terrorist group. This is exactly what we’re doing.
NUG MOD’s crying law of conduct isn’t because of idleness. It’s NUG’s responsibility to establish a regular army. There can be no regular army without a command chain.

You can’t trust an association that doesn’t fall under the command chain. These groups will attack in wrathfulness. Or, if it were a group that was originally made thinner, it would be as hard as beach for the whole country.Dr. Tu Khaung refers to this point.
NUG couldn’t have made the revolution without EAOs. EAOs aren’t yet internationally honored.

Some are on the US terrorist list. Thus, it isn’t easy for EAO leaders to travel abroad.
Still, it’s gone, If the accidental NUG- backed association goes too far and substantiations go transnational.

The recent clearing of some LPDF Dalans has led to numerous cases involving fake conspiracy propositions. Indeed so, retaining one is still beyond the reach of the average person.
Still, the C2D, which is now being done by the people, If it’s neglected as a terrorist association.

What will be to displacements? If the force chain is cut off, it’s a palm for the morning. The whole country will be a real military slave. So you have to be careful about the details.
As a citizen, you have to point out what’s demanded, but if it goes down with feelings rather than pointing it out
The Dalans who’ll start the fight are online and in fullswing.However, you’ll understand, If you notice that there’s a lot I don’t know.
They look at it and believe it. The task of being responsible for the revolution to make a nation will be numerous times more delicate than having to bring a doxy to your mama-in- law’s house.

Z Shade Wai

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