PDF to threaten military headquarters in Monywa

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According to the RNA, the gunmen opened fire on the compound of the Northwest Command Headquarters in Monywa, the capital of Sagaing Division, at around 3 pm today.

Some locals said that there was smoke and artillery shelling inside the compound of the Northwest Command.

No casualties have been reported from the shooting. It is learned that the military is currently blocking and conducting inspections.

According to the BBC, heavy fighting has been raging between the military council and local defense forces since the morning of December 22 in the Yinmar Peninsula west of the Chindwin River on the other side of Monywa.

Locals say the military forces were stationed in Yinmarpin and attacked villages north of the Yama River.

Fighting broke out between Nong Gyi and Myo Gyi villages on the morning of December 22, according to locals.

Locals say the military council used heavy artillery fire.

In Sagaing Division these days, military council troops are also using helicopters to attack local defense forces.

Starting from the beginning of December, Yinmarpin in Yinmarpin District; Pearl The clashes took place in Salingyi and Kanni townships due to the presence of a large number of armed men.

Both the military council and the local defense forces have not released any reports of casualties on either side of the battle.

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