The military dictator’s turn is coming

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UN special envoy Tom Andrew has called for an end to Burmese military copter gunship attacks on Loikaw. The Burmese army has been launching airstrikes on Loikaw for the once week. Citizens trying to flee were also barred from fleeing.

” Incontinently stop the military air and ground attacks by the oppressor in Loikaw.”
“The senior and the sick aren’t fluently accessible by motorbike,”he said. On the way out of the megacity, there are motorcycles and bikes. Buses are also blocked by the service. A occupant said.

Four locals were killed in the Loikaw battle. The Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF) has shot down a military copter, killing at least 30 zealots.
A Burmese military spokesperson was communicated by Reuters but didn’t return a call seeking comment.

Considering that The people in the battle of Loikaw suffered. Still, the Battle of Loikaw was a civil war that was officially spear on.
It’s true that the fighting affected the townspeople, but the military council suffered heavy losses. A copter was shot down and a tank fled in disgrace.

This is proof that no armament can contend with concinnity.
In other words, civil wars like Loikaw can be one megacity after another. Civil wars, which aren’t yet ubiquitous, have begun on the guard.

Dissensions have arisen within the military council, which has suffered heavy casualties in the resistance. Kachin Karen Fighting is raging in Chin and Sagaing regions. Numerous members of the military council are fleeing.
The death of the oppressor’s grandson has spread like campfire on social media. One day the dictatorial family will be suitable to understand the nature of”wat”and surrender and apologize. Going forward, the oppressor will have no escape.

Let me explain a little bit to some musketeers who say that Moti is important. Being a oppressor doesn’t mean that there’s no escape.
Because the world doesn’t fete a oppressor as a government.

The oppressor’s history and current crimes are necessary.
At the morning of the revolution, UN and transnational military backing was anticipated, but the situation in China and Russia didn’t turn out as anticipated. But it’s helping diplomatically.

For nearly a time now, the internal revolution has hovered the oppressor’s legality with unlooked-for transnational military backing.
– Members of the oppressor’s forces are depressed.

Still, you can indeed fight with a short brand, If you really want to fight.
It isn’t a simple scale for the unarmed to gain an advantage over an formerly fortified army in one time.

In the media, there are people who are better than Chit Naing (psychology).
– PDF The technological inventions of youthful people have bettered in a short period of time.

The world is also preparing for an transnational bench. and so … …., This doesn’t mean that the oppressor has no way to escape.
Ethnical people have to flee to the mountains and timbers in misery. The word”wat”, which moment indicates that the oppressor’s turn is coming, has well informed the oppressor.

Examine for yourself.
Ba Gyi Aung LA

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