This is the box that the military used to defeat NUG

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The military is trying to defeat NUG

Before the NUG was ready, it took the initiative and increased its military presence

In fact, the NUG is in good shape and has a strong military alliance with the EAOs

90% of local guerrilla forces have been mobilized

EAOs NUG PDF LDF CDM Soldier C3C is now a true form of operation.

The C3C has been active in some areas of Sagaing Division for a long time, and the KIA has been fighting in Sagaing Division for a Fri time.

On the other hand, if you look at the NUG situation, there is some money from the sale of new Rafael cards.

After the sale of the bonds, it can be said that the next step in the revolution is certain.

As the previous post wrote, in the next month or two, when the revolution is about to reach a turning point, the military council wants to break the NUG war.

When most of the groups could not be disarmed, even PDFs under the NUG could not be disarmed.

The battle was inevitable when the main supply of weapons was not enough, and the NUG became publicly questioned.

Critics are not wrong, either

NUG’s recurring government spending on military spending is seen as a major battle ahead of time, so I think I need to spend some time alone.

On the plus side, the KNU has become decisive in the southern military, and if only the NUG can make money and buy weapons, the revolution will be a complete turning point.

If you know, I’m sure NUG is also trying to get a weapon, so be patient

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