We are deeply concerned about the escalating violence in Karen and the whole country and call for a ceasefire on all sides UN special envoy demands

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UN special envoy calls for ceasefire on all sides

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Burma,Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi, expressed deep concern over the continuing violence in Karen State and across the country. Posted by Noeleen Heyzer.

A statement issued by the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Burma moment (December 27) stated that the people of Burma were suffering” poorly”and that socio-profitable and philanthropic conditions were deteriorating due to COVID-19.

“Gunfire needs to be silenced for the affected people of Burma, and there’s a great need to cover the people,”she said. Noeleen Heyzer said in a statement.
The Special Representative reiterated the UN Security Council’s call for a peaceful and peaceful result to all sides’ interests for the benefit and lives of the people of Burma, as well as the five ASEAN common judgments for an immediate end to violence.

Protection of civilians; The UN special envoy also called for transnational philanthropic and mortal rights vittles for freedom of movement.
The special envoy also called for the provision of necessary philanthropic backing to those displaced by the violence.

The UN special envoy has been seekingmulti-stakeholder advice since his induction in the middle of this month and is working to resolve the ongoing extremity in Burma, the statement said.
Still, the Terrorist Military Council lately blazoned the check of the former UN envoy’s office in Naypyidaw, and has not yet allowed the UN envoy to open an office.

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