We will do our best to make Hun Sen’s trip not a success

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The National Coordinating Committee for the General Strike (GSCB) has given an assertion sentencing Hun Sen’s visit to Burma on January 7-8.

The gathering is comprised of in excess of 260 enemy of military gatherings the nation over.

Cambodia has up until this point been one of four nations to send celebratory messages on the 74th Independence Day.

Hun Sen’s visit to Burma has been generally censured at home and abroad, further discoloring his standing.

In any case, to him, he was overpowered with the feeling that he could address the Burmese emergency, so he demanded arranging the outing.

Hence, Hun Sen has reached the resolution that his visit is pointed toward forestalling the acceleration of brutality in the nation and seeking after the ASEAN Five Principles.

Before, it has looked to push for the reintegration of the Terrorist Military Council into Asean at China’s encouraging.

The Cambodian unfamiliar priest has uncovered that the circumstance in Burma is decaying and that fuel is accessible for the common conflict to emit.

It is by and large acknowledged that Burma’s tactical chiefs, who have not been prepared to think for the country all along, are reluctant to abandon something besides an answer for their concerns.

Hence, Zaw Min Tun has unequivocally cautioned that he won’t be permitted to meet with State Councilor Aung San Suu Kyi during Hun Sen’s visit.

A representative for the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “We won’t change the schedule as we accept that the host nation is dependably liable for the wellbeing of a visitor.”

Chit Win Maung, a GSCB official, said that Hun Sen’s visit was compromising the interests of the Burmese individuals as well as provincial security.

Right now, the military has lost 80% of Demawso Township in Kayah State, and all regions under its influence are apparently abandoned, with just trees left.

Presently practically all Karenni individuals in Kayah State are joined against the tactical chamber powers.

Battling broke out on Monday close to Mong Ko, with weighty ordnance shelling and weighty gunnery withdrawal from the MNDAA.

An army installation in Matupi Township, Chin State, has been cordoned off by Chin PDF troops, and around 60 military chamber warriors are as yet stowing away in dugouts for Min Aung Hlaing’s certificate.

The Irrawaddy reports that around 20 military chamber warriors, including an appointee brigade leader, have been killed in conflicts in the beyond two days in Karenni and Chin states.

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azulay has denounced the passing of a writer, Sai Win Aung assumed name A Sai K, in Lay Kay Kaw region by the tactical chamber.

Sai Win Aung was additionally the second columnist to be killed in December.

The loss of life from the brutality has ascended to 1,437 up until this point, placing strain on the United States and the West to make a move.

The upheaval should succeed !!!

Hla Soewai

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