WhatsApp : WhatsApp is developing a desktop app for Mac OS X

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WhatsApp recently announced a new beta software for Windows and the Microsoft Store, and the firm is currently working on a new desktop client for macOS that will allow you to connect your device from WhatsApp beta for Android or iOS to WhatsApp for macOS.

With the addition of message reactions and other enhancements to WhatsApp’s desktop client on Windows 11, it appears that Apple’s macOS is next on the list.

According to WABetaInfo, an Android phone as well as an iPhone will be able to connect to the macOS program, allowing the capability to be used on various platforms. This enables you to handle your messages even when your smartphone is turned off.

It’s a good update for macOS users, who may have felt left out following the revamp of WhatsApp Desktop for Windows 11. However, with WWDC on the horizon in June, it’s feasible that the revamp will arrive sooner rather than later for Mac users.

The information comes from the always-reliable WABetaInfo, who has been the source of countless WhatsApp-related leaks, and it appears that macOS users are finally getting something they can use. Of course, the actual experience may differ, and given that the functionality is not yet available, this may change in the future.

There was a time when you loaded MSN Messenger, AIM, or Adium into your laptop or PC, depending on your preferences and where your friends and family were the most.

WhatsApp gradually climbed the ranks high enough to be available for additional devices and apps, including as your web browser and, more recently, the Apple Watch, with the introduction of apps in 2008 with Apple’s App Store.

Meta’s messaging program aspires to be as accessible as MSN Messenger was to laptops and desktop computers. Message reactions, video and audio conversations, and the ability to send gifs to each other are currently available in the Windows 11 desktop app.

Users of macOS can rejoice, as WhatsApp for macOS is on its way

You may see the image below, which was provided by the source.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the first time you run WhatsApp for macOS, you’ll need to link your phone by scanning the QR Code. You’ll be able to scan this code that the program will create immediately within the Settings. Users will also be able to link their Android devices, which means they will not have to switch to an iPhone only to use WhatsApp for macOS.

Furthermore, the insider stated that the company has updated the user interface and that using WhatsApp on the Mac and its native app built with Mac Catalyst will be easier. Unfortunately, the software is still in development and cannot be downloaded.

The app’s arrival on macOS is significant, but it’s too early to predict when the feature will be available. We’ll keep you updated when additional information becomes available. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Having the same experience on macOS when prior versions missed these features will be a big plus for many people, and it will mean one less tab for WhatsApp Web, where you can manage your messages in a web browser, will be less used.

We might see enhancements to Apple’s iMessage as we get closer to WWDC 2022, which would be good. It would be a huge improvement to see more effects or faster ways to access stickers and emoticons.

However, it appears like WhatsApp will be released as its own software for macOS, which will be beneficial to its users.

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