Why is the KNU being the main target of the KNU?

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Thousands of people were anticipated to flee across the swash this week.

During the open season from the end of November to the end of April, Thai security forces and security forces along the border are anticipated to launch a major descent. Village heads along the border; All KNU military leaders have calculated.
The galère intends to crack down on fortified ethnical groups, especially the KNU.

Thousands of people have been hiding in the mountains near the Salween River since airstrikes began in KNU home before this time. Some ventured into Thai home.
“We know that fighting will consolidate during the open season and the situation will get worse,” saidGen. Baw Kyaw Ha, deputy commander of the KNU’s KNLA.

The achievement council has begun checking opposition groups and has set precedences for which group to master first.
The general explained that the Burmese army couldn’t master all opposition groups at the same time, so the precedence was to determine which party should be defeated first.

He said the crackdown would inescapably be done to inseminate fear among the original people through the use of a revolutionary system. They’ve plans and come decreasingly inferior in their current status quo.
Further neutral means that the people are now taking up arms against them.

The selection of the KNLA Brigade 6 in Myawaddy, close to Mae Sot District on the Thai side, was latterly questioned.
Myawaddy is a mecca for Thai-Burmese trade and was formerly a fort of the KNU.

Latterly, as the war with the KNU dragged on, it was decided that the service would be under a separatist governance and some Karen forces were encouraged to form border guard forces.
In addition to furnishing fiscal support, those who joined them were given special boons.

Myawaddy has developed significantly in recent times. Hospices Shops; Company structures; Pavilions sprang up.
Numerous entertainment gambles have sprung up, especially for Chinese investors in the region.

The Karen Border Guard Force (BGF) is the one who has served from these situations.
The Burmese service has set up the Shwe Kok Kol Special Economic Zone along the Thaung River for Chinese investors.

It has been suspected that this will be part of the Chinese government’s environmental and road plan, and that Chinese businesses will soon be on the verge of collapse.
With the affluence of Chinese businessmen, further electricity is demanded than ever ahead.

To meet this need, plans have been drawn up, including the construction of a levee on the Salween River for hydropower.
That’s why it was decided to attack the KNLA Brigade 5, which controls the Salween River. Only also will the achievement be suitable to control the area where the levee will be erected.

Chinese businessmen have told Thai lawgivers that they’re in addresses with the military council to make a levee. There’s no reason why the achievement couldn’t misbehave with the Chinese offer.
Presently, Chinese- invested companies in Myawaddy are launching a military descent against the KNU.

Since the military achievement in February, scholars and youthful people across the country have joined ethnical fortified groups for introductory military training and formed the People’s Defense Forces (PDF).
The position of KNU Brigade 6 has come a major training center for PDFs. Not unexpectedly, Brigade 6 was among the early targets of the military council.

Now thousands more are anticipated to cross the swash to seek retreat. Some are still hiding in the mountains and facing the threat of cold and food dearths.
There’s no sign that the fighting will end soon, and the Karen people will face further rigors.

Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has pledged to help all deportees in Mae Sot.

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