Wirathu and Paing Tagun or two world famous people in robes

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Wirathu and Poi Tagon

In the period of three sided majority rules system, I saw two individuals who died in robes.

One is U Wirathu. Time magazine highlighted “The Face of Buddhist Terror” as its main story.

Rather than spreading the serene love of Buddhism, Time magazine has spread disdain discourse against non-Buddhists. It was named

There is no rejecting that the mix of Buddhism and brutality has spoiled the appearance of Buddhism somehow or another. The

The world has come to realize that Buddhist priests in Burma are overwhelmed by outrage, not love, and strict fanaticism.

The other is Poi Tagon. A photograph taken in a priest’s robe has turned into a web sensation. Pictures of him in a robe were broadly revealed in worldwide papers.

Albeit the lessons of the Buddha were not notable because of the Poi Tagon, Buddhism was by implication promoted. The

It’s very much like promoting items and administrations with pretty models.

Particularly in China and Vietnam, where there are numerous agnostics, there are youngsters who are turning out to be more intrigued by Buddhism as a result of his photographs. It is valuable here and there for Buddhism.

Wirathu was let out of jail after the tactical upset. Poi Tagon was detained.

Poi Tagon is as yet positioned No. 1 on TC Candler’s rundown of the most attractive men. This is a yearly global watch list.

Briefly, let number one on this rundown be a wellspring of pride for the country. Indeed, even in monetary terms, it tends to be extremely valuable for Myanmar.

Poi Tagon has turned into a worldwide model. If by some stroke of good luck he were free at this point.

If by some stroke of good luck Myanmar had been a free country, there would have been a progression of offers from the global local area to apply for a style show to shoot plugs and movies.

The pay he acquires will be unbelievable. He can possibly acquire commonly more than the most generously compensated entertainers in Myanmar.

The greater part of these incomes will stream into Burma. Also to foster Myanmar’s travel industry. You can publicize with the picture of Poi Tagon to draw in more global travelers to Myanmar. The

He brings a ton to the table for Myanmar. He will bring in cash for the country without selling jade.

Presently he is serving three years in jail for extremely difficult work. A youngster’s splendid future is broken under boots. The lives that were squashed this way. There are many more regrettable cases.

I need the youngsters of things to come to avoid this lamentable framework.

I wish you generally great wellbeing and thriving.

Deferentially yours,

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